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We offer FREE commercial cleaning estimates.
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Spiffy Cleaning Service does:

1. Guarantee 100% of all work.
2. Provide high quality services and materials.
3. Use state of the art equipment and green cleaning products
4. Supervise personnel.
5. Maintain safe cleaning procedures and is bonded and insured.
6. Conduct regular scheduled cleaning inspections.
7. Provides 24-hour communication and immediate response to additional requests.


During our visits we will clean the entrance/reception area, general/private offices, hallways, lunchrooms, and restrooms.

We use a detailed thirty-two item check sheet to make sure your general cleaning and restroom sanitizing needs are properly addressed.

Additionally, we provide carpet shampooing/extraction, hard surface floor care, and window/glass cleaning.


To provide our customers with friendly professional service at a reasonable price.  Customers come first.  We will work hard to meet and exceed all of your building service needs and expectations.
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Donate old televisions and stereos instead of tossing them. These end up taking space in landfills when others may still find them acceptable for use.